8 Adulthood Tasks No One Prepares You For

8 Adulthood Tasks No One Prepares You For

It is not until you grow up that you find out how truly blissful ignorance is. When adulthood sets in and you suddenly have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, it is normal to look back fondly to simpler times. Why? Because some things you are just never prepared for. 

  1. Getting Started in Investing, Early

The whole concept of investing is overly mystifying, especially for young people. Truth is, starting might just be the hardest part. Investing is one of the very few ventures in life that rewards you for being lazy - or rather - being hands-off. The more you wait to start investing, the more you lose - such is the nature of compound interest.

Waiting to start investing at 30 if you are, say, 25, will greatly reduce the amount you could have ended up with by the end of the investment period. There’s no better time to start than now.

  1. Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Many people put off enrolling into insurance coverage until the situation requires it, which ends up being extremely overwhelming. This is especially the case when you previously have been under a parent’s plan.

What seems like a daunting task just requires an analysis of available plan options, taking into consideration any special circumstances you may have and all costs associated with a specific plan.

  1. Cost of Being in a Wedding

Many people underestimate the cost of having a wedding and being in someone else’s as well. Current world circumstances aside, weddings are expensive. Seeing as you are unlikely to just attend one wedding, your 20s may be full of unforeseen expenses like dresses, parties, and any other unplanned obligations that are part of wedding celebrations.

Having a ‘wedding budget’ beforehand can save you a lot of stress, whether for your wedding or someone else’s.

  1. The Time It Takes to Keep Your House Clean

If you enjoy cleaning, you are part of a very small percentage of people. Cleaning is time-consuming and entire days can disappear if cleaning is not planned out beforehand. Having a schedule for this activity helps consolidate your efforts and have an efficient approach that saves time you could be spending getting other tasks done.

  1. Doing Your Taxes

With multiple streams of income, doing taxes can become a headache. It is one of those skills that should be taught in school, but isn’t. Repercussions for not properly doing your taxes can be costly, both in terms of estimates and fines. Working with a professional is important and can be eye-opening.

  1. Trying To Find Home Items

It is only when moving out or getting your own stuff that you realize how expensive home items are. The trick? Opt for second-hand as opposed to buying cheap. They will probably last longer and serve you better than new but cheap home items will. 

  1. Buying a House or Property

Homeownership is a big deal. A lot goes into the whole process, from being financially capable, to knowing where and when to buy, and the ups and downs of a mortgage. Should you rent or buy? A good look at where you are in life is key to answering that.

  1. Combining Finances With Your Partner

Finance is one of the most touchy subjects in any relationship, romantic or otherwise. It is important to be completely in tune with your partner and be able to determine whether your financial interests and tendencies gel, before committing to combining finances.

It is no wonder that the leading cause of divorce is finance. It needs to be a conversation that you and your partner can readily have before committing.

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