How To Start Building A Career From Scratch

How To Start Building A Career From Scratch

Fresh out of college huh? Or maybe you are just looking to try something new? Either way, the idea of getting the right career and the dream job is enough to put pressure on anyone. The high expectations – financial or otherwise – could lead to disappointment.

Change is Constant

The most important thing to note is that you do not have to figure it all out immediately or at once. Where you start is not necessarily where you’ll end up, as shown by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. People between the ages of 18 and 40 change jobs about 12 times, including promotions.

Everyone’s goal is to be at a job that they are passionate about. Chances are, however, that it may take a while to get there.

The pressure, while unnecessary, is as a result of wanting to enjoy what you do for the majority of your waking hours. There is a positive to be found there, in that it is important to have a career path that suits you, has room for growth, and can get you invested. This way, you will excel. But how do you go about choosing a career that’s right for you?

Self-Assessment – What Do You Want?

Self-honesty is the most important factor when building a career from scratch. Societal, financial, and any other expectations need to take a back seat as you make sense of what is fulfilling and sustainable for you. Flexible schedules, work-from-home policies, and other factors that are not exactly monetary play a huge role in charting a career path. 

What do you value? A work-life balance? Mentorship? Great. Put that into consideration as well. Be honest about your skills levels and your innate interests. Interests do not have to be hobbies. Not all passions can/should be monetized. The balance between what you enjoy and what is sustainable is what you should aim for.

This is what most people would call a dream job, but no such thing exists. It would be unrealistic to label it this way. Every job has multiple aspects to it, and no one enjoys all of them – no matter how rewarding the job is. You will get bored, you will get tired. Putting it on such a high pedestal is ultimately setting yourself up for failure and/or disappointment.

Use Your Networks

When starting a career from scratch, networking is always available and is a resource that is untapped by many. At whatever stage of life you are in, the contacts around you should not be ignored. Landing a job is as much dependent on your qualifications as it is about who you know and how you learnt about the job. Why? Most jobs aren’t publicly listed. 

Interview Prep

Got an interview? Congratulations. Here comes the most nerve-wracking part. Do not fret though. When preparing for an interview, you should find out everything possible about your potential employer. Cater your interview answers towards them and reference the job description when proving why you’re a suitable candidate. Questions should go both ways, so have a list of your own relevant questions to ask during the interview.

 Do Not Shy From Negotiating

Aced the interview? Fantastic. Now you can negotiate your salary. It is recommended to wait until you are offered the job to do this because this way, you are sure the employer wants you. Have a target salary in mind. Use your skills and experience to gauge what you should ask for. Negotiating can also be about perks and privileges that make your new job and your new career path one that suits you.

New Career, New Goals, New Planner

For this new phase in your life, it is important to start with a bit of structure and organization. It is important to plan. To write things down. What do you want to achieve with your new career path? How do you plan to budget for your salary? Easy – get the Vibe Planner today!

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