The Vibe Planner ✨🖤

The Vibe Planner ✨🖤

Sound cool huh? And it is.

You know the importance of planning. Being ready for any eventuality. Exerting your control over the chaos that is life. As a woman, you already have a lot on your plate even before you start thinking about yourself. As a black woman – well, you always have to have your wits about you. Not many people truly understand what a day in life is like for you. That is, except, for your fellow black woman.

Planner For Black Women

That’s right, the Vibe Planner is a black-owned, woman-owned, for black women planner. The cover should tell you as much. It features six women coming in all beautiful shades, all with their own styles, looks, auras – vibes. You will feel right at home in this round table of fellow black queens. It truly is a vibe, from the well-crafted cover with lovely fonts and colors, built for durability and constant everyday use. The gold wire bindings were a must. They hold together the front and back hardcovers, with everything you will ever need when planning for your goals throughout the year.


The Vibe Business Planner comes with a custom-design pocket and a teal ribbon marker. You know how convenient those are. It comes in gift box packaging that is gorgeous, a sticker page, and custom tabs, making it great to get for yourself or even as a gift to your girls so that you can all plan for the future together!

Even on Your Bad Days

On the days that you’re not really feeling up to it, there are numerous inspirational quotes from smart, beautiful women like yourself who have been where you are and know what you need to hear. Why not be reminded to take care of yourself while you are at it? There is a life dashboard and a medical guideline for women to ensure that you are not taking care of everything and everyone else while neglecting the most important person  - you.

Get The Best Out of Yourself

It wouldn’t be a planner worth it's salt and your time if it did not help you increase your productivity. Plan for your weeks, months, and the year with dated weekly and monthly pages and an additional notes page for every month. Combined with the goal-setting coach, monthly reflection, monthly life guides, and purpose planner, you will always know where you are with your goals. Whether it is budgeting, saving, investing, or just having important dates, the Vibe planner has got your back. There are also the ‘Saving Goals’ and ‘30-Day Challenge’ sections if you really want to accelerate your journey toward financial freedom.

The Planner For You

The Vibe planner compliments you. Whatever you set your mind to achieving, there is a section for it. You know the power of writing something down. It sets off the drive and motivation necessary and amplifies the black girl magic that resides within you. There are additional pages at the back, why? Maybe you will end up realizing you can do more – achieve more, and this diary, the brain-child of a fellow black woman, might just be what you’ve needed all this time. Get yours here today.

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