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The Olufunmilayo Doll

The Olufunmilayo Doll

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For ages 3+ Doll with doll box. Soft-touch plush doll 11 inches tall. 

About her story: 

Scared to move to America, Olufunmilayo, with the help of her magic Lunchbox, builds the confidence to share some of her favorite Nigerian foods with her new friends.  

The Adventures of Olufunmilayo and her Magical Lunchbox is a heartwarming and sweetly appealing story about how a ton of delicious food, bravery, and supportive friends help a young Nigerian immigrant adapt to her new life in the U.S. 

Moving to a new country where nothing resembles the culture from your native country is typically hard—and sometimes terrifying. The transition is even more difficult for a little girl moving from Nigeria to the United States. This is the experience of young Olufunmilayo as she confronts her fears and creates a sense of belonging in her new home, magically.

At first, Olufunmilayo feels out of place in America. She misses her life in Nigeria, her friends, and especially her favorite Nigerian foods. But with the help of a magical lunchbox, all these concerns are solved. 

The lunchbox gives Olufunmilayo any enchantingly yummy Nigerian food she wants—from Jollof Rice, Chin Chin, Puff Puff, Fried Plantain, Dodo, Amala, to Suya, among other delicacies. All Olufunmilayo has to do is request her favorite foods and the lunchbox hurls them. This amuses the other students at her new school, who get curious to learn more about her Nigerian culture. 

The little brave girl ends up making new friends in America, acting as a source of inspiration for other scared students, and eventually building a new life away from her home country.

This deeply sensitive yet fun children’s book covers the important topics of diversity, confronting our fears, and overcoming culture shock in a way kids would best understand. It subtly teaches children in Olufunmilayo’s shoes to be proud of their heritage and to be brave when faced with scary obstacles.

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